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Firearms Related Charges

If you or anyone you know is arrested for firearms related charges, the crimes can result in a lengthy prison sentence. Most firearms charges carry a minimum of three years behind bars.  The sentencing structure for felony related crimes is “10/20/Life.” It means a 10-year prison sentence for convictions of gun possession during a felony, 20 years if the gun is fired, and a mandatory 25 years if anyone was injured during the commission of the crime.

Prominent attorney Mark Seiden has 27 years of experience as a defense attorney. Mr. Seiden is extremely knowledgeable about the firearms laws. He was a member of the Metro-Dade Police Department from 1970 – 1981. He has served as a patrol officer, (Police Officer of the Year 1971) supervising sergeant, firearms and tactics instructor, and also held the position of detective sergeant. He honorably retired with the rank of sergeant in 1981. His training is extensive.

For the most part prosecutors are known for their tough-stance as it relates with firearms charges, which means those facing these serious charges need the Law office of Mark Seiden on their side.

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