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Attorney Mark Seiden was directly involved in the successful outcome of the following cases:

State of Florida v. William Kennedy Smith, 1991

William Kennedy Smith, a member of the prominent Kennedy political family, and the nephew of President John F. Kennedy, is famous for the well-publicized nationally televised rape trial in 1991. Attorney Mark Seiden was a key member of the Kennedy Smith legal defense team. After 10 days of testimony, the jury took only 77 minutes to declare Kennedy Smith not guilty.

State of Florida v. Officer William Lozano, 1989-1993

A jury acquitted Miami Police Officer William Lozano of manslaughter after Lozano fatally shot a black motorcyclist, which ignited a 1989 race riot near Miami. Lozano shot cyclist Clement Lloyd in self defense. Lloyd was being chased by a police car and speeding towards Officer Lozano. The January 16, 1989 shooting sparked three days of rioting in Miami.

State of Florida v. Eller Media, 2001

Attorney Mark Seiden successfully handled criminal charges that were brought on by the Dade County State Attorney’s office against Eller Media, a subsidiary of the Fortune 500 company, Clearchannel Communications, and some of its employees, for possible criminal wrongdoing with regards to a 12-year old boy. Prosecutors claimed that the boy was electrocuted due to Eller’s and some of its employees’ recklessness and charged the company and the employees with manslaughter. The jury reached a verdict of not guilty and stated that the boy died from lightning and not from the company’s electrical installation of one of its outdoor bus shelters.

State of Florida v. Officer Luis Alvarez, 1984

Luis Alvarez, a Cuban-American Miami Police Officer was acquitted of manslaughter charges in the shooting of a Dade County messenger Nevell Johnson, Jr. Attorney Mark Seiden was instrumental in helping gain an acquittal in this case. Officer Alvarez testified that he shot Johnson in self defense when Johnson, who had a .22-cal. Handgun hidden under his sweater , made a sudden move.

State of Florida v. Emilio Plana, 2002

After only three hours of deliberation, a jury declares Emilio Plana, a member of the National Guard and licensed to carry a concealed handgun, not guilty of second degree murder. During the trial, Mr. Seiden declared that his client had acted properly during the shooting. After the high profile trial ended, Mr. Seiden was described in one article as “a master of presenting evidence and of structuring a defense that demolishes the prosecution’s case brick by brick and leaves nothing standing when he is done.”


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