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Vehicular Homicide / Manslaughter

Those charged with vehicular homicide or manslaughter are accused of causing the death of another person or unborn child by the use or handling of a vehicle. It is a serious crime that can result in many years in prison.

The Law Office of Mark Seiden, P.A. has represented many clients who have been charged with vehicular homicide or manslaughter. The firm is led by renowned criminal defense attorney Mark Seiden. Mr. Seiden is actively involved in motorsports as a former racing driver, a member of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), and the International Council of Motor Sports Science, an organization devoted to racing safety and racing car crash reconstruction, which makes Mr. Seiden uniquely qualified to defend traffic / DUI and manslaughter cases. He also stays up-to-date regarding the cutting edge technologies as it relates with these types of cases. Mr. Seiden recently completed a seminar titled “Forensic Toxicology for Lawyers.”

Mr. Seiden is a former Metro-Dade Police Sergeant who has overseen many cases of vehicular homicide and manslaughter. As a detective sergeant, Mr. Seiden has attended numerous seminars related with crime scene investigations, including Investigation of Death, and Advanced Technologies in Crime Scene Investigation. The victim may be either a person not in the car with the offending motorist, such as pedestrian, cyclist, another motorist, or a passenger in the vehicle with the offender. Mr. Seiden’s list of credentials are extensive.

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